Driver Benefits

Health Insurance Coverage
Medical coverage is provided by BlueCross BlueShield. There are (3) plan choices designed as a Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) to meet your family’s needs. Vision Coverage is included in the Medical plan.

Dental Coverage
PTC offers family and individual Dental Coverage provided by Lincoln Financial. Preferred providers pay increased benefits.

Short Term Disablity
Short Term Disability pays you a weekly benefit if you become ill or injured. This plan, after doctor and company approval, pays you for up to 13 weeks unless you are being paid under a worker’s compensation claim.

Long Term Disablity
If you become disabled due to sickness or injury and require the regular attendance of a physician, our LTD plan will pay you 60% of your basic monthly earnings. This coverage will begin after 90 days of disability, if you are enrolled.

Life Insurance & Dependent Life Insurance
PTC pays for a life insurance policy on each employee. However, once you turn 65 years of age, the benefit reduces.
Dependent life coverage is also available to the employee.

401(k) Plan
401(k) savings plan is provided by The Hartford. Employees can enroll on Jan. 1st or July 1st after one year of employment. The company will match 50% of the first 3% you invest in the plan.

The following are paid holidays:
New Year's Day, Good Friday, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Vacation time is based upon years of service as of your anniversary date. Earned vacation time will be calculated based on date of hire and length of service.

Years of Service Annual Vacation Time
One-Three Years – One Week
Three-Seven Years – Two Weeks
Seven+ Years – Three Weeks

Holiday Savings Plan
Employees can choose an amount to have deducted from their check on a weekly basis for deposit into a Holiday Savings Account. The savings will be deducted on an after tax basis. Savings will be distributed on the 15th day of November.

Seniority Load Pay for Drivers
Increased load pay is given based upon years of service. See attached example below:

Years of Service and Corresponding Percentage
Base Load Pay 1-3 years 3-5 years 5-7 years 7-10 years 10+ years
  3% 5% 6% 8% 10%
$51.00 $52.53 $53.30 $54.06 $55.08 $56.10