President's Message

Welcome to the World of PTC… From a modest beginning as a hauler of residual fuel oil to servicing the textile industry, PTC has evolved into a “Super Regional” carrier serving a who’s who of gasoline retailers. PTC now provides product delivery, logistic services and inventory management throughout the Southeastern United States. Interstate deregulation for the delivery of petroleum products in 1985 enabled PTC to capitalize and expand its product mix and geographical footprint. Without compromise PTC has set its sights on being the highest quality refined products carrier in the industry. We have been able to achieve this mission by being world class in three critical components: Our People, Safety and Information Management.

Our People are passionate! They are well trained and highly competent in their job responsibilities. We listen with the intent to serve and respond to each customer’s unique needs. They are exposed to on-going education, job performance monitoring, evaluation and a continuous improvement culture focused on results. Our people consistently deliver operational excellence and the safest results to our customers every day. Our employees understand that serving our customers both internally or externally every day is our most important focus.

Safety is never a cost. It is a benefit to be shared by all. Safe operations are a given at PTC. We start each day knowing we must build on yesterday’s success yet realizing we will all be judged by what we accomplish today. PTC starts by hiring only the most qualified and professional employees. From there we understand it is critical to train on the proper procedures and DOT regulations, and provide them with the most current state-of-the-art tools and equipment to do their jobs. Our equipment is among the newest and the most environmentally friendly on the road. Our drivers are trained and monitored to ensure safe deliveries and efficient operations. We use systems that allow timely and accurate communication to handle any and all situations. We take pride in being stewards of the highways and take the responsibility very seriously.

Information Management is the glue that pulls everything together. The pace of change and innovation today is rapid. The information that can be extracted has many uses and is very powerful for us here at PTC, and most importantly has critical benefits to our customers. We have real-time access to driving records, hours of service, continuous engine and driver performance evaluation, truck speed and speed limit compliance, and MPG efficiencies. The benefits of information management go beyond the truck and driver. There is just as much going on from the loading terminals to the final destination. Among these are ETA’s that facilitate just-in-time deliveries and load planning tools to keep optimum inventory levels specific to each customer. BOL information at the time of delivery, paperless billing, scanned documents and EdI invoicing are just a few of the new and exciting applications being developed every day.

It is an exciting time to be a part of PTC. Step inside our world; we are sure you will like what you see!

Jim York,